saddest news of the day ever

Days after making up with rapper Kanye West, legendary daredevil Evel Knievel has landed himself in the news once again, not for making an improbable stunt landing, but for doing something one day all of us regular folks are going to do. He died today in his home state of Florida at the age of 69.

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fucker was never supposed to die. he was my first and longest hero.

i guess the lord had some semis he wanted someone to jump for him.

today is danielle’s 25th birthday

there are many people who i miss, but danielle is one of the top 4.

currently residing in san dieger, one of my least favorite towns in the world, danielle is just about finishing up her masters in hotness.

when she was at E! she was a lifesaver.

people joked when she was hired by saying, oh yeah tony youre sure gonna love our new girl, and sure enough we hit it off immediately talking about books and poetry and bukowski and music and every day we ate lunch together and during our breaks we took pictures and at night we got naked and swam in the pacific and rode dolphins to the horizon and dried off in the sun.

lately we’ve been keeping in touch via facebook and phone and if she hadnt taken a trip up to frisco i would have totally driven down to san duhblahblah to party with her and watch her fashion show her many high quality outfits

but shes up north and all i can do is send my best regards her way

and thank the Lord for bringing her into my little universe, particularily when he did, because that job was so terrible and she kept me from the edges of tall buildings

and for that i will be forever indebted.

she has so much life in her heart and her eyes and her soul that her laughter is contagious and spirit is so beautiful

but the best part about her is she immediately trusted me, which is the greatest compliment anyone can give. its a gift that never ends and i love her.

happy birthday hippy girl with caviar tastes.