if you go to canada this time of year

you will see people with the coolest little red flowers pinned to their collars

its very classy and somber, but because its a poppy my mind always wanders

which is why my soul will probably get sent to hell when its done riding around in my body.

anyways its nice that in canada they truly have respect for their veterans, and not just for one day, but for more than a week. every day you see men women children couples, everyone with that red poppy.

today here in LA if youre lucky you’ll see some guy hang a flag from his flag post.

i got a flag on my flag post.

but im crazy.

also, i was born in washington dc.

which always makes the border guards squint after they ask me where i was born.

they always laugh and say noone is born there.

but people are born there and people die there and some people are even buried there.

im not sure what the good book says about cremation, im pretty sure its against it. so that rules out spreading my ashes off the left field bleachers at wrigley

so when i die i would like to be buried as close to isla vista as possible.

i dont think theres a cemetery there. i guess im pretty glad theres not a cemetery there. but if there was id like to sign up for that.

funny how you always have to sign up for things.

even that.

happy veterans day

happy remembrance day.

photo by ghostgirl