today ron paul was grilled harder than i ever saw him grilled

maybe its because Tim Russert is in bed with the neocons and hates everything RP stands for: limited federal government, no more policing the world, etc…

Russert got Congressman Paul against the ropes pretty hard in pt two (above) during the conversation regarding earmarks, which was sorta interesting because i dont recall him ever being taken to task on that one. RP’s defense was ok, but not great

In part three Mr. Paul comes back stonger hitting all cylinders on his strongest points and Russert is outted for pretending he doesn’t understand the basic aspects of the Constitution: namely that its ok to amend it as long as you do it via the process that was intended

Then in the conclusion Dr. Paul coasts home with some very basic answers that shouldnt surprise anyone. But again Russert seems amazed that anyone would think that Ronald Reagan wasn’t God.

Basically this is the reason lots of people try to keep RP off tv, if you ask me, because he’s so good at explaining his beliefs. It’s so easy to simply write him off by saying, “he wants to get rid of Public Schools, The CIA, Income Tax. He wants to legalize drugs and he hates Ronald Reagan. Clearly he’s insane.” Which if presented that way, he does look insane. But when you listen to him explain how those (mis)quotes got there, you remember, oh yeah I sorta believe all of those reasons too.

I haven’t given any money to any politician this year. And now that I’m a journalist, or at least a member of the press, I’m being told that it would probably be in my best interst, not to even vote(!), but I gotta say, this crazy old fucker does make a lot of sense to me. And he never bores me. And I believe him.

That’s a lot more than I can say for anyone in the Republican party for the exception of Huckabee. But Huckabee worries me because he doesn’t seem like he knows hardly anything important other than Scripture. And the last I checked, we’re not about to vote for Pope next year.