got nightmares?

this was taken in florida, a place people spend hella money to vacation and take a dip in the ocean.

no thanks.

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ask keira and miss 604 a question or two for their podcast

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the Times (UK) caught using Metafilter and several other sites in SEO Spamming Scheme

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alecia in zona blogs:

i was talking to my mom the other day and she mentioned the option of me moving to new york instead of chicago which honestly makes just as much sense because nothing i do will make sense because i could move to fucking lexington kentucky and i would be just as pointless(point-ful) as chicago. but i digress new york AVERAGE apartments i read are like $2000 a month. holy fuck. chicago is slightly more reasonable. i’m afraid i might just have to become a stripper to afford to live anywhere not in complete poverty at the same point NOT selling out to the man for a job that i hate and HOLY SHIT I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE REAL WORLD PLEASE LET ME BACK IN THE BUBBLE WHERE I CAN BINGE DRINK ON DADDY’S DIME AND NOT WORK AND SLEEP ALL DAY wow.


hopefully i’ll just fall in love with some wealthy real estate tycoon in chicago and he’ll buy me a pony and be awesome at fucking/smart like tony but minus the alcoholism and plans of leaving the country. (like i have a right to judge about alcoholism….or wanting to leave the country.)

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suzie, an actual stripper, has been blogging almost every day this month and has proven to be the frontrunner in the race of Best New Blog of 2008

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ADRIAN, Mich. – A man was charged with drunken driving after going through two bottles of wine, cutting through a snowstorm on his lawn mower and riding down the center of the street to reach a liquor store, authorities said.

Police found Frank Kozumplik, 49, homeward bound on a John Deere tractor Saturday night, toting four bottles of wine in a paper bag, officials said.

He told officers that his wife had taken their car to work, and that the mower was the only way he could reach the store, two miles from home.

His blood alcohol level was 2 1/2 times Michigan’s legal driving limit of 0.08 percent, police told WLEN-FM. They arrested him and confiscated the mower.

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1/31/07 never forget

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Rush Limbaugh can talk shit on the radio, score more drugs than youve ever seen – and do them, and pull hotter babes than you. he may be a douche, but on paper you’ll have to admit, hes a p.i.m.p

as i wait for Lost to come on, here are some crazy stories from today

the reddit users are calling tonights GOP debates the worst ever because they totally squeezed Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee out

montel williams has been on the air for 17 years? well today he quit.

a small town in Vermont is getting hatemail for creating a petition asking for the arrest of Bush and Cheney. if you would like to send them a message, you can do so here.

someone call a defense attorney: the RIAA is making a fortune off the students at the University of Tennessee

Here’s a stimulus plan; END THE FUCKIN WAR YOU DUMBASS

FEMA covered up cancer risks to Katrina survivors, ignoring scientific advice about toxins in thousands of emergency trailers

after drinking at the Silverlake Lounge, a man from Inglewood got in a fight with his uncle and girlfriend and told them to get out of the car so he could run them over. they got out of the car, then he ran them over. he threw the pair into the car and drove down Sunset (i suspect to throw them into the ocean). when he got down to the Pacific Palisades he saw he was running out of gas, so he stopped at a Mobil station and while he was filling up his uncle got out of the car (despite a shattered leg) and screamed for help, which he got. the girl died.

another hot blonde female teacher caught “molesting” a teenage boy. this one victimized a lad in her Jaguar whose license plate, i shit you not, is GRRRR.

starting in May, sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. aka get ready for an influx of super shitty buyers flaking out and/or leaving outrageous negative feedback to sellers.

umpires are sorta freaking out that MLB are doing background checks on them like asking their neighbors if the ump is a card-carrying KKK member.

he might be a lame duck, but Bush sure aint tired of utilizing signing statements

mickey mouse busted in sacto, twice in the same night

the men in mexico are so disrespectful to women on busses that there are Women Only busses in mexico city during rush hour

google has ways to make its search better, and its coming soon, and here are some screenshots for yr ass

theres no one sadder about the Johan Santana trade than Aaron Gleeman, longtime friend of the busblog. and no one has written a better evaluation of who the kids are that the Twins got in return. our condolences to Aaron, Paul Westerberg, and the fans in the twin cities.

finally LAist interviews the Gay Bigfoot!

how to make homemade girl scout cookies: Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, Tagalongs

ay carumba! the lady who provides the voice of Bart Simpson today donated $10 million to Scientology

flagrant is back and has some of her beautiful art up

this is the anniversary of the space shuttle disaster

do you remember where you were when this happened?

if you can believe it, i was selling tvs in west la.

i was pointing to the JVC 25″ stereo monitor that was on sale for $999. it was $400 cheaper than my favorite, the Sony 25 XBR. i was asking a customer, “now i love the XBR, but the JVC has all the features of the Sonytheoneandonly and you tell me, do you think the Sony’s picture is worth 400 bucks more?”

and before he could answer the shuttle blew up.

on the JVC, the Sony, the NEC, the Proton, the friggin Daewoos, the Zentiths

that fucker blew up on every tv, across every tv wall in the whole place. right in front of me and my wealthy customer.

which was when i suggested the extended warranty.

i dont wanna diss usc after they so graciously allowed me to teach one of their classes this week

but you call this a riot?

apparently the cops showed up when too many kids spilled out onto the streets to do what youre supposed to do in college: rock. and the kids did exactly what the kids should do when the cops show up to throw a wet blanket on their party: they said we fucking dare you to break this shit up.

but then when the cops moved in on the students the kids disappeared faster than white house emails summoned by congress.

brahs, youre supposed to FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT to drink Coors Light. youre supposed to go toe to toe with the LAPD. youre supposed to reprefuckingsent! let blue know that theyre in trojan town thus Fight On!

instead they were beaten down like bitches. so sad.

KABC has part of the story, but the real tale is, if white kids cant figure out how to get down on 30th street in LA, then they dont deserve to graduate to the Strand when they get their diplomas. TRY HARDER!

hot chick suckered me into seeing Juno last night


the only problem with dating young babes is they havent seen alot of really good movies to know the difference between a quirkly snarky overhyped selfobsessed monotone unrealistic unbelievable flat ohtoosmartforitself not bad movie from an actual good movie.

if you havent seen Juno maybe you should avert your eyes because i dont know how else to talk about this movie other than give away some of the “spoliers” so i apologize, for the most part im able to talk about movies without giving away ANY of the plot but one of the main things i hated about this movie (a film i didnt Hate, overall) is that i felt like i had seen it before.

after i got home this morning and went back through the trailers i discovered that i had seen the film – in the commercials for the film. why on earth do people do this? pretty much the entire plot was given away in the trailer. plus there was no real climax in the film, no plot development, no character development, no breakthrough, no serious tension, and people who were either too good to be true or too dull to be believable.

and this is being considered for awards of some sort?

the only thing decent about the movie is its references to music, but half the time theyre playing the oh so precious whisperings of belle and sebastian who havent been relevant for at least 5 years so who gives a fuck?

and are we supposed to scoff at the pregnant chick at being naive when she tries to diss Sonic Youth by calling one of their albums “noise” when she is supposed to be way into punk circa ’77?

and are we supposed to scoff at the monotoned Jason Bateman (who is too good to be true since he loves all the things Juno loves, and can play guitar better than her, and knows films better than her, and somehow scored Jennifer Garner, but for some reason doesnt have a backbone to save his soul: you call that an interesting character?) says that rock music was at its best at ’93? what about ’91 fuckface?

the only interesting people in the film are Junos parents who are also a little too good to be true, but are atleast somewhat unpredicatable and all of their smart alecky lines actually go down easier than when Junos cringe worthy hep talk gets flung at us.

someone needs to slap the bitch and tell her boyfriend to drink a beer and take off his bra.

plus i dont buy their attraction to each other one damn bit.

still somehow i give the film a B or B minus but that might have been because my date was hot and let me do whatever i wanted all night.

rotten tomatoes gives it the highest rating of any current movie out today: 93% Fresh. and is it true that it made 87 million bucks? damn. then fix the problems next time!