its weird how sometimes really hard days dont seem so hard

and not so hard days seem impossible

i have the pleasure of sharing an office with a wonderful, beautiful, highly intelligent young lady. tragically for her, shes cursed sharing an office with me.

even though she has no ambition to replace me if something horrible happens to me, several times a week i will spin my chair around and say, “if i ever get eaten by sharks or smacked in the head by a falling safe, you really should probably know how to do this…” and i will try to teach her part of my job.

usually she will look up from whatever document im pointing at and say, “why dont you just stay out of the ocean or away from safes because i never want to have to do what youre about to do.”

told you she was highly intelligent.

most nights i leave the office around 8 or 9 o’clock and i go to the subway and i ride home. on that ride i think about my day so that i wont have to run through the day when i eat my dinner.

tonight on my walk i was pretty happy until i got to the subway and started going over the day and i was all, damn dude, that was sorta a really hard day. and it made me think if someone had put acid in my cheerios this morning because none of how hard the day was sank in. i just kept going from meeting to meeting, answered email after email, and did whatever task was ahead of me.

sometimes when i see the picture of the dude standing in front of that tank in china i think, that dude just really wanted to get to his next task. that tank just happened to get in the way,

poor tank.

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