four years ago this week

how to blog” was written

and the crazy thing is, most of it is still pretty accurate.

if i wasnt lazy and busy and had a house full of guests who are not letting me get into my bedroom, i would maybe re write a few of them, but im so ready to hit the hay

but if i did edit them, obviously 17 would tell you to use Flickr

20 would tell you to use Twitter

and everything else would remain exactly the same.

but you know the craaaziest of all of it, is that even with those slightly slight changes, it’s still either #1 or #2 when you put “how to blog” in google search. which is pretty amazing if you ask me. cuz when i wrote it, i wrote it to piss off my boss at E! who hated me and wanted me to get fired or wanted to fire me or wanted me to get hit by a bus.

and i knew he read my blog and he always tried to make fun of me for blogging, even though he didnt know one thing about it. so as i waited for my coworker to finish some last minute work, i sat down and wrote down the rules for blogging, as egotistically as i could, with my boss in mind.

peoples inspirations fascinate me. and if you ever wonder why the busblog isnt what it used to be, its probably because i dont have any more hate in my life, no more angst in my heart, and no more bird calls to let out. no more here i am here i am. bitches know where i be.

so basically the lesson, for me, at least, is that how to blog, the post, proves that if you decide that your rules are good ones, and no one else has written them, and if you know that most of the people who follow you are gonna be full of shit, then dont be full of shit and just write down exactly what you believe and see if it sticks.

the wikipedians can take down my page, my landlord can steal my parking space, my old boss can eventually fire me, but what remains is something that i wrote in 15 minutes, from my heart. and if you ask me, thats what blogging is all about. and why it will last forever.

photo by sass

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