“isaac” with no blog writes in to whine again:

jesus my man has someone’s job taken over their bloglife? no perspective

tony pierce dot com provides latimes blog news 24/7,

save it for the office honeys tony i’m bored as shit with all this…., stop flogging for zell, go back to blogging at least it was half interesting – Isaac

dear isaac with no blog, thus truly no perspective,

you are on the world famous busblog. written by a man who has the dream job of his life.

clearly you must see the irony of you, a man without a blog, coming to the blog of the blog editor of a major newspaper, to bitch that this personal blog is sometimes omg about the exciting changes of said newspaper which is rapidly changing and growing to improve existing blogs and incorporate new blogs into their collection, many of whom might not be there if it wasnt for the man who has the dream job of his life.

on my blog, this blog, i get to write about my life. a blog ive been writing since 8/01. amazingly. beautifully. magically. im sorry that my life and my job are more interesting than yours. my advice to you is stop whining on peoples personal sites, and go out and follow your dreams. my advice is to get a blog and show me how its done, if you know so much. my advice is to comment on blog posts of mine that you approve of instead of bitching about blog posts that allegedly bore you, because frankly i couldnt give a rats ass what you think. because youre not thinking.

every post in the busblog has always been about me, my love life, my fans (pictured, right) my amazing friends, but most of them have been about my jobs. be it when i worked in the bowels of E!, to when i flew in a black helicopter above the skies of LA for the xbi, to when i helped buzznet rise from the ashes of nothingness to somewhatbetter than nothingness, to when i helped bring the blog of LA from not-bad to whoa, and now to when i get to work with the fine journalists of the LA Times as they begin to rule all over the blogosphere.

its not my fault that writing about success doesnt interest you. im sorry that blogging about the inside world of blogging isnt yr cup of tea. im sorry that you thought that this blog was about anything other than exactly what i want.

im sorry that when i went to the nba finals and gave the world a photo essay it didnt inspire you to comment. im sorry that when i went to hermosa beach on the first day of summer and busted with a photo essay it didnt inspire you to say right on. im sorry that when i went to see the next big things the ting tings at the sold out troubadour busted with a photo essay as i answered questions from the hottest blogger in orlando and it didnt inspire you to say thank you tony for doing the thing that reporters are supposed to do which is go places that others cant go to and tell their brothers and sisters what they saw while doing the one thing that bloggers do beautifully which is keeping it real and revealing.

im sorry if you dont see the beauty of the work that we’re doing at the times and how it might relate to your socalledlife or to the new renaissance of online digital journalism. but mostly im sorry that yr so sorry that you really thought that tony pierce of all people gave a crap about the thoughts of a non bloggers critique of a personal blog written by the author of how to blog.

if you can do it better, fire one up, and lay it down. otherwise save your kvetching and comment on the posts that interest you. the busblog has always had a wide variety of subject matters revolving around my life. and if none of them interest you, there are 125 million other urls whose comments you can project onto.

but theres a reason you keep coming back here. my guess is because you love it here.

so thank you for your patronage.

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