quickie wrap up around the blogosphere and the newsaphere

– shaq rapping asking kobe “how my ass smell?” gets us love in the Comments Blog

– the launch of the Big Picture blog gets yr boy quoted in the New York Observer – and they call me Mr. (boyeeeee)

– LA Times building (where i currently am writing you from) and the Tribune Tower in the windy are now on the block says LA Land

– Stone Temple Pilots singer gets spitting mad when our writer/blogger dares ask the question “How disruptive has it been on band unity to have you going to serve jail time just before reuniting onstage for the first time in five years?” Full give and take in Soundboard

– Forget Shaq vs Kobe: Scott McClellan has two possible book titles for the Vice President that you can read in our Bush blog, Countdown to Crawford. Those titles are “The Lies I Told” or “I Upped Halliburton’s Income — So Up Yours”

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