hey look its my favorite wonketter

(next to ken layne).

its sara k smith and her sidekick “jim”!

wonkette is on fire and in the belly of the beast in st. paul for the rnc convention slash telethon(?!). they got screwed cuz the prez aint comin now, the vice prez aint comin now, the governator aint comin now. heck they’ll get lucky if the dream ticket arrives.

but theres plenty of free parking!

see, read wonkette for an hour and the snark flows right out. and mccain picking governor palin was like an early christmas gift for wonkette. seriously though the sweetest thing to happen in the blogosphere this year was nick denton selling wonkette to ken layne for a bag of magic beans.

however, as happy as i am to see that sk and jim (who “covered” gov. palin way back in may) are at the convention, where is our man dan? this picture above is clearly taken by a drunkard with a very dirty iPhone. wheres ole dan and his fancy imported long lens?

americas hottest blogger needs to be exploited photographed in a professional manner! i want some proper lighting, some Leica or Nikon love for our girl. i saw better pixel resolution off that mars lander. wtf!

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