my problem is i like to eat

i went over to her plush apartment and she was sitting there stretched out on the couch.

little pink fuzzy slippers on.

little shiny smile on. said, whaddya wanna do?

i said eat.

she said whaddya wanna eat?

and the problem with some babes is they really are too young. i think im starting to learn that. they havent figured out how to talk in a sexy way so they really shouldnt practice with a senior citizen.

its like trying to pull away from the curb in a little car that has stick shift and jumping from first gear to fourth. not only isnt it meant to go that way but you really should squeal before you moan.

said suzy q’s.

she was all, whats a suzy q?

poor girl wasnt schooled in the world of hostess baked goods?

this is whats wrong with america.

they dont tell you this but los angeles is a far more diverse place than pretty much anywhere other than new york, but in some cases even more diverse. this one was from a planet i cant even pronounce. but i’ll try.


she wasnt as hot as miss iowa ’99, but close. but looks are the devils three card monte. you think you have the game won and all of a sudden life flips over the truth and youve lost. so the best idea is to look into their heart.

lemme see your heart baby, you say as you lean down to kiss her clavicle. she jerks away surprised cuz your stubble has grown in but hell its 12:30 at night. one of us hasnt shaved since 8am and the other one of us is probably too young to shave anywhere.

you root down in search of the heart and yes that sounds like second gear,

maybe i should release the clutch.

or whatever that is

as the shadows start speaking the international language of hi.

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