this is a picture of karisa doing a mini triathlon

i think you start off with a swim in the ocean, then you ride your bike like 15-20 miles, then you do like a half marathon.

no big whoop.

thats what i love about this picture. for most of us the mile or two that youd have to swim would be a workout all its own. or the prospect of a huge run after the long bike race would be enough to make you all, !@#!@#@, but theres karisa just smiling away like its the most fun thing in the world.

maybe it is the most fun thing in the world. but i will never know because i still have two flat tires on my bike and my swim suit says Chicago Cubs on it.

speaking of politics. lets talk about politics. the busblog has been amazingly consistent in its stance about being partisan. i believe that people do themselves a disservice when they say oh im a liberal or oh yeah im a conservative. what is that?

if you ask me all thats doing is allowing the politicians to suck at their jobs.

if i knew, for example that no matter what i wrote, day in, day out, i would have millions and millions of readers who might whine a tad but ultimately support me when it mattered, i would end up being the laziest, fattest, most boring blogger ever. but because i know that on any given day you might leave the busblog and never come back it sorta makes me have to earn it each and every day.

i think thats healthy.

but in politics people choose their sides and mostly stick with em. they dont care what positions their “party” goes for, they will back them. the dems for example gained the majority in congress after the last elections. many think they were hired to go in there and end this war, impeach the president, and stop all this crazy spending. the democrat-led congress has done none of that. they havent even tried. and the result? yawns from the people who took time out to vote for them.

same could be said for the republicans. conservatism is based around certain ideals like a small government, a balanced budget, and a strong national defense. this administration has a bloated government, the highest deficit ever, and a military that is busying itself with the furthest thing from a defense – more like an offense.

when you allow “your” party to veer so far off it’s goals AND THEN continue to support them, then you have become part of the problem.

american citizens should go back to being the employer. we can vote out whoever we want. we can vote in whoever fits what we believe in and what they say they will do. if they dont do what they say they are going to do, they should be fired. period.

instead we coddle them and pretend that if we vote for others our world will crumble.

meanwhile our world goes through massive changes everyday regardless. and id have to say most of that is due to our own doing and our lack of individualism and courage to do the right thing.

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