yr answers to Ask Tony starring images from raymi’s Paint contest thing

raymi: you can only kiss one more girl in the world ever, a girl you have never ever kissed before, WHO IS THAT GIRL?

Married: Christina Aguilera
Unmarried: Anna Kournikova

Gage: Last meal: What’s it gonna be? Fame, Fortune or true love… why? Describe the one moment that has truly brought you the most joy thus far.

Last meal: rat poison pudding, 5 Big Macs, and a goblet of hemlock. i hate letting the haters have the last laugh

Fame, Fortune or true love: true love because thats what you strive for in the other two.

one moment that truly brought me the most joy: winning Best Arts editor for the Daily Nexus in 1990 because not only had i been fired from that job and later banned by the editor in cheif, my nemesis, but the Nexus had never won that award before and i had a pretty dress in which to accept the trophy.

timmay!!!!!: what can you tell me about angela poe (aka “angeleenie”)?

never heard of her but i do like CSS and tumblr blogs. my favorite tumblr blog so far is Golden Fiddlr.

Notorious bWg: They’re remaking The A-Team. Ice Cube should (obviously) get to be Mr. T. Who should be Hannibal, Face, and Murdock?

Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and Yella.

Dave: Did you get a smug sense of self satisfaction watching Prince Fielder completely melt down yesterday? Or are you one of those “Take the high road” kind of Cubs’ fans?

I am not doing anything “high” this calender year. So yes I was quite happy seeing the worlds most talented fat man fail miserably along with his joke of a team during the Cubs sweep of the brew crue.

Martin: Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 11 says “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.” Can a man smoke seedless hydroponic sinsemilla and be righteous?

if the bible says seeds, you should rock the seeds. plus theyre fun to pick out when they start glowing in the bowl.

christie: What is the secret of the Caramilk bar?


Phaedra: spit or swallow? the girl, not you. unless you like it like that.

how did you know i like to chew girls up and spit them out? the only thing i swallow is my pride when i answer these questions.

Chris: Heard something about a TSAR show? Details please. Why are all media outlets, and do I dare say your fine organization slanted politically?

Tsar: August 22. New bassist. No it’s not me. No it’s not a chick. Opening for Veruca Salt. Viper Room. Standing Room Only. Come one, Come All. It’s ok to call it a comeback.

I don’t think any media outlets are slanted politically. Here at the Times we cant even get people to park in the parking lot properly, how are we gonna get them all (800+ people) to all root for the same team? Have you ever seen 800 people really all get along? Even in the bleachers of Wrigley Field youve got those in the left field yelling RIGHT FIELD SUCKS and those in the right field screaming LEFT FIELD SUCKS.

We are the fourth estate, we’re probably pretty much meh to every field.

David: Who got the better value, the Angels with Texeira, or the boys in blue with Manny being Manny? And on a classier note, Schlitz, PBR, or Old Style, what’s your choice?

Manny is one of the best hitters in the league. And he did that while hating the team he was hitting for. Likewise I have been an Old Style fan since my first one, when I was 14 and the beer vendor in the bleachers gave me a free one.

Mike: Dodgers vs Cubs in the NLCS… who you rooting for? Do you think the Yankees are going to bounce past the BoSox now that Yankee killer ManRam’s on the west coast?

First of all the Cubs are gonna win the World Series, no doubt, no questions asked. The rest of the losers can battle out runner up but I’d like to see the White Sox be our bitches bridesmaids.

Sarah: The way to a man’s heart is through…?

Mastery of the word yes.

all images via Raymi the Minx

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