eight minutes with tony

cuz im running late for work but todays word is “fantasy”

but first i wanna tell you about this picture. the other night after my birthday party i was hungry and karisa was nice enough to indulge me in some late night sushi. so we walked two blocks to this cool place called incognito. half way though the meal i was starting to get sick because i had had vodka shots, baileys, makers mark, beers, and then sushi sake and more beer.

karisa, who has been around me many a time while we imbibed in drink, said that it was the drunkest shes ever seen me. i asked what she meant by that – was i slobbering over people, or slurring my words, or telling secrets? she said no, that i was just the type of person who liked to stay in control and i wasnt in control and it was “cute”.

i still have no idea what that means, but here is a picture of me at the drunkest ive ever been around karisa (i still claim ive been way drunker in my life). shout out to Anti who gave me those glasses for my bday.

ok fantasy #1: the busblog yahoo fantasy hoops league #3 will draft tomorrow. i am the commish, and as always i will win. so this is really an exercise for who will come in second. the live online draft is tomorrow at noon pacific. join up and i will see you virtually tomorrow:

League ID#: 87677
League Name: busblog3
Password: blogger
Custom League URL: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/busblog3
Draft Type: Live Draft
Draft Time: Sat Oct 25 12:00pm PDT
Max Teams: 18
Scoring Type: Head-to-Head

fantasy #2: i received a phone call from the playboy mansion yesterday and asked if i would like to return tonight to meet hef and the girls and i thought about it long and hard. and said hell to the yes. they said they loved the photo essay i did earlier this month, so it looks like tomorrow i will be able to show you the mansion, the grounds, and something new at the coolest home in LA this weekend, so stay tuned.