yikes, that was a terrible game

i’ll have to ask my bro Todd Martens if it was as quiet at Wrigley as what it seemed like on TV. from the first pitch to the last i barely heard any joy in mudville. it appeared to be like real cub fans dealing with the endless amount of doubts in their heads. yes this might be game one of the playoffs, yes that might be the best team in the national league wearing C’s on their caps, but its still the cubs, the cubs of our youth.

the cubs of our death.

because my boss is the greatest ever she let me work a half day so i could watch game one in the peace and quiet of my bachelor pad. halfway home i was seriously considering finding a gentlemans club and watching the game there so if a situation like this occurred the pain wouldnt be as biting and i could be drunk by now. but my phone kept ringing and my email kept dinging so i actually did “work” from home, something i wouldnta been able to do at bobs classy lady. is that place still around anymore?

i knew we were in trouble when dempster couldnt keep his pitches down and gladly the lord put me to sleep right before james loney hit the granny.

then manny ran out an infield single (is everyone sure hes 36?). and in the 7th with the wind blowing in he hit a flat footed homer using his wrists exclusively. it was at that point that the game was over and wrigley was quieter than ever.

oh how i wish i could just go back to thursday at el pollo loco eating lunch with ali and sarah filled with playoff anticipation. this reality business is for the birds.