after my truest and i ate clams and pork chops and artichokes

across from the olde spaghetti factory i went to the Vons and saw this looking at me

i know people need to sell magazines. people need to sell everything these days: cars, real estate, gold, newspaper subscriptions, reality shows, movie tickets, high fashion, clams, etc

but far as i know theres only two ways to be a racist: your family being ig’nant, or your friends being racist and your parents dont beat your ass when you bring that ish home.

i suppose i should go read the article to see if theyre proposing the theory that we are born with such tendencies but if thats the case it would mean that in huge families like jon and kate plus 8 that one of those lil angels would turn into david duke!

my guess is the cover is probably more interesting than the story, but now im being just as bad as others.

perhaps im a coverist!

fine i will buy it tomorrow when i go get some naked juice.

my truest got sick off the clams.

good thing i didnt eat any.

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