today was a little sad at the end

cuz i didnt see my boss all day so i wasnt able to say bye

which might have been just as well cuz it would have been sad.

we had a great run. three million to twenty million in less than two years. the hard way.

three blogs in the technorati top 100.

meanwhile the site as a whole became the fastest growing big newspaper site over the last year.

during a time when most big newspaper sites, because of a variety of serious reasons, have either lost audience, or barely increased at all.

it is the end of an era, and a very classy era, all because of her.

speaking of ends, one more thing you should know about my boss. early on it could have very easy for her to say hey i think its in everyones best interest to get rid of the busblog. and i would have totally understood. but she said no the blog editor should have a blog, and she loved the busblog, especially on ask tony days.

i believe the reason i didnt see her today was because they were trying to drain every last drop of magic from her brain.

in which case i hope they work overtime.

video thanks to mark johnson and darryl sweet

no matter what happens i heart you

from my In Box

On Sale Friday! Devo!

night 1, DEVO will perform “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!”

night 2 it will “Freedom of Choice”. Both albums will be performed in their entirety.

With every online ticket purchase, you’ll receive 3 exclusive, never-before-heard DEVO demo versions of: “Turn Around,” “Whip It” and “Red Shark.”

November 3rd & 4th / Music Box @ Fonda / Doors: 8pm / $42, $52, $102 (includes a meet & greet!) / on sale 9/18 @ 10am

meanwhile god bless the Silversun Pickups for being just enough like smashing pumpkins to harken back past memories, and being just enough original to create new ones.

and videos like the one on top are my favorite sort of lo-budget + humor to make everything go down so smoothly