theyre showing the entire rebroadcast of U2’s show at the Rose Bowl?

on You Tube? thus on the busblawg?

often people ask me why do you have full RSS feeds for your blog? why are there no ads? why do you basically give it all away?

and its hard to explain everything, especially to people who are in the business to make money but sometimes its great to give things away.

sometimes not everything is all about selling something immediately for a profit.

sometimes you make tapes and hand them out and encourage people to dupe the tapes for their friends – like metallica did when they started

sometimes you give free shows whereever you can

sometimes you give as much out for nothing and then once a year you hit people up for cash – like public television.

and sometimes you do exactly the right thing, like U2 just did with youtube and you bust properly for good, for the kids, and for free.

bravo bono

the one where i have a great night with great friends

and only have terrible pics to show from it.

the lovely ali miller missed my bday so wanted to take me to dinner. but because shes as generous as she is scalding hot she said hey invite sarah and scott.

hilarity and intensely dirty inappropriate conversation ensued. at any one time either scott sarah or myself can also be loud. also we like to talk about adult film. and how we would improve on the genre.

meanwhile the sake and beer kept flowing. meanwhile the sushi was some of the best id ever had at Kanpai, which is like saying “damn the playboy mansion was better this time than the last 10 times.”

seriously the fish melted in our mouths. every time i leave that place i wanna make out. every time i get in my car afterwards i wanna sing. somehow the health dept only gave it a B which im still convinced proves that theres something fishy going on with those letter grades because im telling you the food is amazing and it has the cleanest bathroom ive ever been in. its a joy to wash my hands in there.

but back to my friends. back to those friends. those are three friends who are some of the best people you’d ever want to meet. super cool, ridiculously talented, and three people id have never met without blogging.

ali ordered in japanese, shes an expert in video games, and will shock you with her wide ranging areas of expertise. actually, valley girls pretty much know all. i dont know how she stuck with LAist after coming to our first bbq but we all couldnt be luckier that she emailed me several years ago.

sarah is one of the many super hard working former LAisters who made the move over to the Times, kicked bootay with metromix, then brand x, and on the side goes to south central and interviews people for the homicide report. stay tuned because theres a new blog a-launching next month at the times which sarah will be helming. (sounds dirty).

and scott is one of the best writers, i was totally heartbroken when i learned he would no longer be writing for the paper. like devastatingly crushed. but after last night he assured us that alls well with his future. duh. little known fact about the sterling busblog connection: a few years ago the LA Weekly named me one of LA’s 100 people. and guess who wrote the story about me? ta-da! when i finally met scott a few years later we instantly bonded and im sure you’ll read more about him on this url in the near future.

anyone would be lucky to meet any of these very cool people. its a blessing to have them all as friends.

afterwards our waiter / concierge / magic maker Peter brought out some complimentary desserts which disappeared faster than you can say “is that deep friend green tea ice cream topped with fresh Oxnard strawberries?”

got home and hollywood was black as night because we had crazy winds that caused major blackouts everywhere. loved it. passed out almost immediately.

some people fantasize about big houses or cars or pretty girls

i dream about food vans. and how many i could make and how many could i make as soon as possible.

and how many i could put on little boats and send to the world, because the world would enjoy good texas chili.

the world deserves delicious soul food.

and the world would totally pay up for a slice of real chicago deep dish.

problem is the world doesnt just let you get a van and start shoving slop out there, but here in LA you can.

you can start up a medical marijuana store and you can sell food out of vans here. its amazing.

its what we traded for instead of having the raiders.

somehow we got pinkberries too.

id have all sorts of vans, but the one id drive would be the mystery van.

it would be a black primer, ugly, beaten up, rusty job with a huge question mark on the side.

“whaddya want?” a man looking faintly like me would say from beneath a top hat.

some days the whiteboard ducttaped to the smokey window would say “chicken, pepperoni and avacado” or “chocolate, vanilla, and doritos” or three other ingrediants, and youd pay the man $9 and you’d get like a chicken dinner, or a 16″ pepperoni hero sub, or a hot fudge sundae molded to look like one of the us presidents.

$9 because everyone should tip at least a buck.

students, seniors, nurses and cubfans get a $5 discount.

all sales final.

the tshirts will say: eat at yr own risk.

the food would come in black boxes with crazy faces on them. you get a bottle of water for free.