but the coolest show of the weekend was the one in the cemetery

in hollywood at 6am

in the mist:

In the twilight hours, that liminal space between sunset and sunrise, the eyes and ears are prone to trickery. The imagination takes over; hazy objects resemble ghosts, and faraway sounds evoke werewolves. But on the precipice of Sunday morning, amid Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s tombstones and mausoleums, the misty fog and leaning palm trees, Bon Iver provided an ethereal soundtrack to sunrise.

It was dreamlike as indie folkster and Wisconsonite Justin Vernon walked onstage with his band, Bon Iver, around 6 a.m. It was almost completely dark when the band opened with Brian Eno-esque layers of sound — their guitars and beards bathed in an icy hue from the blue stage lights — and awakened the slumbering (and some still partying) masses sprawled across the lawn. “We’ve never done anything this weird before,” Vernon said, between the slow-burning stomps and sweet falsetto acoustic solos from Bon Iver’s 2008 album, “For Emma, Forever Ago.”

these are mere examples of the wonder that is the Pop n Hiss music blog, which this month will go past 1 million pageviews.

it took me over a year to get LAist past that milestone so to have a blog thats solely about music be able to pull that off is quite a testament to the men and women who contribute to that fine url: latimes.com/pophiss

when i went to bed at 4am on saturday night i poked my head out the front door to see if the paper had arrived yet. no luck. but then i thought, oh man look at this fog. the kids at the cemetery are probably loving this right now.

hope sandavol of mazzy star plays there tomorrow night.

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