i just did a story about the Chupacabra

im pretty stoked

usually i just make a “blog sandwich” out of info from other sources, and then i present it in a funny way or attempt to add something extra. today i heard about this texas taxidermist who had ended up with the dead body of a Chupacabra and i was all eff this i gotta call this dude.

dude couldnta been nicer, and his half-brother was nicer still.

so right now im waiting on one of my favorite copy editors to finish red penning my masterpiece. i think hes run out of red. hes a pro. top notch guy and im sure i have a lot to question because its a much longer post than i planned. but such is life.

earlier today i spoke with some really cool people from our Glendale paper and few others from some of our other neighborhood papers. they all wanted to know more about blogging and social media. i brought donuts and we spent a good chunk of time talking about group blogs vs individual blogs, wordpress vs typepad, and how to fit in blogging to a reporters already busy schedule.

one thing i said to do was to blog while youre waiting for copy to get back to you or while youre waiting for a source to call you back.

like what i just busted with here. hi.

update: it’s up

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