saw Extract last night

meh. after we had sushi at half price sushi and i dont know if everyone had a birthday yesterday or if they all come out and sing when you order this one dish. but seemed like ever five minutes they were gathering around a table and singing this super annoying song including a heavily utilized tambourine. the seared yellowtail made up for it.

megadeath is on direct tv. who knew bro was into pretty boys so much. his lead guitarist looks like a damn male model, bassist too. only other regular dude in there other than mustane is the chubby drummer, who has the cymbals hanging down from a cage set up. he works the double bass beautifully. george carlin said the reason the earth created humans was to make something nature couldnt make on its own: plastic. wouldnt it be funny if metal was created solely for the double bass.

steve lopez wanted to meet some Glenn Beck fans who live in LA. i dont think its technically LA, but he found some over by Six Flags. anyway its funny. i made a comments blog post for it so people could comment, thats pretty good too. ah, america.

today i think im going hiking with karisa although im nervous about breathing in this air. weve had this fire going on for a few thousand years now and the air seems better but they say you have to worry about these microscopic particles. good news is this map says that all seems to be well today. and its even nicer in the oc. bet theres some beck fans down there.

if youre like me, you watch tila tequila on her ustream deal from time to time. live video of a girl who likes to dance, talk black, and put on different outfits while she sings along to r&b. not exactly the type of person that youd wanna choke, but allegedly, thats what san diego charger star linebacker shawne merriman did. whats scary is i interviewed tila on the red carpet once and shes tiny. meanwhile merriman is a pro bowl linebacker. the most physically destructive people on the field. anyways whats interesting in this modern world is to see their twitter feeds ( and did they really stop tweeting at that time? and what does it all mean? also, i wanna make a website called Allegedly.

there was a time when i wanted to be the manager of the chicago cubs. not just so that i could see the cubs win it all in my lifetime, but for cub fans everywhere. last month when we sat in the bleachers and dined on all u can eat before the fireworks, we ran past these dudes who had somehow imported some Old Style beer. which as you know is hard to do, being that it comes from God’s Country and all. they told me i could hold it but i told them id chug it so they shouldnt trust me. instead i took a picture. but these are the dudes id be manager of the cubs for. and those are the guys milton bradley should think about this offseason when hes counting his millions.

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