dear john mccain’s daughter meghan

my "spontaneous" night in... on Twitpic

sometimes im not sure if youre playing dumb or if youre that out of touch with the interwebs.

im going to assume youre pretending to be surprised that a picture like this displayed on Twitter would get a few comments that are borderline ridiculous.

but yes, a semi-famous young lady, who chooses to show a little skin, just might be called “a slut” by a few of the cackling anonymous commenters out there in the web. how can you be surprised by that? the internet can sometimes be an ugly, rude, backwards place.

plus boobies freak out so many people. as does sexuality. as do partisans.

but lets go back to the human body for one second – youd think in this age of endless amounts of free porn most people would be over the omg boobiez reflex, and although some are, others clearly dont know how to handle themselves when faced with the female form.

either they will criticize or judge or falsely project nonsense. but is that any reason to consider shutting down your twitter account? or even being upset for more than 1 second?

its the internet baby – its supposed to be ridiculous.

but good job getting your name back in front of the american people.


michelle obama’s bare arms

selfportrait of Meghan McCain in a tank top via twitpic

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