lot of talk today about Balloon Boy

or “Falcon” as his parents call him

all i know is a lot of people came to our site to read all about him

and CNN probably got some great afternoon ratings.

but it sure was interesting how quickly they zipped right back to Ms. McCain’s boobies, as soon as they found out that the little fella was alive and well and no where near that ridiculous flying machine.

and although i have to take my hat off to the capitalists putting together the insta-tshirt site, i also applaud those who put together the video above.

nothing like spare time, photoshop, and imovie at ones beck n call to get a party started.

in other news

– heres some pics of a kitty in a lobster suit in a lobster pot

– a 45 yr old Texas lady was found living with the corpse of her boyfriend. ah love. sniff.

– and in sad news, the Oakland Raiders’ football game will be blacked out in the Bay Area so if you wanna see Michael Vick sit on the sidelines you’ll have to go to the damn game. Don’t forget your Darth Vader mask!

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