twelve random busblog posts over the last twelve months

the greatest private party concert buffett ive ever been to. ever.
october 19, 2008

“and he likes to play inside baseball against the italian nanny.”
november 20, 2009

“sorry bob, but guess who got suckered into going to da bears game last night?”
december 23, 2008

“the first time i saw barack obama”
January 19, 2009

“was at a beverly hills party tonight with yr girl”
February 7. 2009

“lessons learned from sxsw 2009”
march 24, 2009

“women who plan on loving me, i am not a good choice”
april 15, 2009

“the busblog goes to the american idol finale”
may 20, 2009

“tony, ok where were you the other night with karisa?”
june 6, 2009

“i touched the most valueable wristband of the week”
july 06, 2009

“its been a long time coming, and now the LA Times’ web site has been redesigned”
august 12, 2009

“the boss plays born to run all the way through”
september 24, 2009

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