now this is what i call change

the bush in question is young Barbara Bush who after she traveled to Africa with her parents was moved and inspired when she saw how differently her accessibility to quality heathcare is compared to the very poor in deepest darkest. the result, she founded a non profit to help: Global Health Corps.

shes certainly come a long way since being popped for underage drinking in Austin, and then caught using a fake ID all within a few weeks. ah kids.

hats off to barbara, not because of her opinion, but for the courage to so publicly break away from the politics of her father and grandfather. and moreso for putting her time and efforts into the causes that she believes in. selfless causes that really will help people.

what do you credit for her empathy, idealism, and maverick stance to defy what would be easy and replace it with what brings the greater good to the world as a whole? the answer can probably be found in her middle name.

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