i have to give blood today

theres only two people who use my home, landline, phone – my mom, and the red cross.

because of that i almost always miss my blood donation appointment because who he hell checks their answering machine any more?

if i see theres a message, i just call my mom.

last night i drove our director of seo to the rentacar place by the airport. it was like 60 bucks a day for a regular car or 80 bucks a day for a convertible vette so which one would you pick?

i took him to kanpai because he said he really loves sushi and i got this lobster roll for him to check out and he said it was the best roll he’s ever had. and this is a guy who’s traveled the world.

afterwards i drove past randy’s donuts. of which i am the mayor of on foursquare.

and just like several other times at night, the so called 24 hour establishment was closed.

some times i go there and theyre outta donuts. some times i go and theyre closed.

people laugh but i swear to you do not be surprised if one day you see me in the donut business.


saw that dancing baby video for the first time today and i thought if babies were more talented

perhaps then they would be more popular.

keep trying, babies!

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