it’s friday so its ask tony

some how.

sass asks: Why does a boy I like read my blog but not talk to me?

todays youth, especially the shoegazing skinnyjeans wearing manchildren that you go gaga for have no courage.

if they did they wouldnt listen to that nonsense you people call music.

its not really their fault, its a worldwide dilema. youve been given too much. plus this is the byproduct of the feminization of american men thats represented in emo, metrosexuality and the celebration of Coldplay.

Girl Power has won but its only made way to the Age of the Douchebag.

id highly recommend that since todays woman is so comfortable demanding whatever it is that she wants, she needs to reach out and pull the men on her radar into her personal space.

its the only way to deal with these sheep.

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