one thign great about LA is that the local celebs

are just as interesting as those we share with the rest of the world

LAist’s Elise Thompson ran into the Pink Family at an event this week.

did you know that Pink is a family name and not just descriptive of the famous dogs?

did you also know that while I was getting my oil changed on La Brea and Melrose today I walked across the street to Pinks to get a dog. and did you know that after 15 minutes the line didnt move?

did you know that i took like 5 pics of Pinks while i was there?

did you know how i was all omg when i saw that Elise posted this vid probably exactly at the same time i was in line.

do you believe in coincidences? did you know that Kurt Vonnegut said that coincidences make him believe in God even though he doesnt believe?


did you also know that Einstein said “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”.

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