to me blogging is about sharing in a way that other people wont feel alone

kristin formerly of Toronto shared some video of herself struggling through some insecurities

these are things you generally dont see on tv or magazines or newspapers or radio

just a quickie lil “hi im a freak in this lil way. ok im out.”

blogs can do this better than anywhere else. and i respect and admire kris for doing it.

just a few hours ago i was trying to explain how insecure i feel throughout the day

and the person listening wouldnt have any of it.

she was all, but you do this and that and this and that. i was like so, its a huge fakeout.

she was all, well fine, but if you wanna see some complete losers, people who cant even speak up for themselves when it matters, then i will show you some insecurity.

which, yes, touche, but when i compare myself to standards, i dismiss the losers.

i think about cool people, successful people, people like my friends and heroes.

when i think im shy or insecure or faulty i dont think about the people whos ass i kicked, i think about the people whose as ive yet to kick

i wonder, what did they do to get there that i need to do or learn about.

whats stopping me from excellence.

and of course thats when the lists could be made because oddly when you think about negative things you can keep thinking forever, but when it comes time to the reverse its harder.

why have you been successful in the past? what did you do right in that one tough situation? and ultimately: do you really think youve been That lucky youre entire life?

my buckets got a hole in it. i know. but everyones does.

you just have to run with it.

and keep reading canadians

cuz they are closer to nirvana

than they think.

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