prince doesnt have a star on the walk of fame

princebecause life isnt fair and sometimes people make you pay for things that you really shouldnt have to pay for

and the hollywood walk of fame is one of those places where you have to pay

which is why people like donald trump have stars but perhaps the greatest guitarist of all doesnt

hung out with AJ yesterday hung out with Todd today watched hella tv

but still i tried to figure out Prince all weekend. was he insane? was he perfect? was he of this earth? could we actually do anything that he did?

i have no answers. im leaning towards he was a space alien. in the video of him jamming with tribe called quest he looks soooooo short. but his guitars never seem to be bigger than him like how they do with Angus. someone today said he may have had HIV for years and then stopped taking meds. but i dont know about that. he didnt do drugs and

then someone said he he may have killed himself. but i dont know about that neither because if he was gonna kill himself it would be the most beautiful and amazing suicide of all. it wouldnta happened in an elevator in the middle of the night, alone with no note.

same with the AIDS, wheres the note? wheres the doctors? wheres his church? yeah: WHERE IS HIS CHURCH? why havent we heard from them to talk about his life as a spiritual person?

whatever im sad. prince was amazing and now we dont have anyone even close like him around.

who can i complain to?