saving bree

save bree

Bree Olson is a former porn star.

but in real life she is also a


her name is Rachel Oberlin from Indiana. she has feelings. she has thoughts. she has dreams.

she wants to be a nurse.

unfortunately she was super good at the thing she got famous doing

and no nursing institutions will let her be a nurse now because sex is bad, apparently

especially if a camera is rolling, even though thats totally legal.

she’s sorta losing her mind now and wants to go to rehab.

she says she drinks too much and takes too many anxiety pills.

she says a medium price joint that specializes in former adult performers

costs $100k for 90 days. so she put up a GoFundMe last night and told everyone about it

through a heartbreaking Periscope video.

I hope one of her famous admirers pays a good chunk of the bill.

or the multitudes of her fans chip in $5 or $20.

i gave $25 because ive seen first hand – well, second hand – how effective rehab can be for a girl.

Long live Bree. Long live Rachel.