oklahoma just passed a law making abortions illegal

oklahomawhen i was a kid,

hell, even when i was in college,

i had this bizarre belief that adults knew what they were doing.

that they wouldnt intentionally waste time and money on things that were nonsensical.

that they wouldn’t, as i was warned as a kid, not to jump off a cliff

just because everyone else was doing it.

i know a lot of people get all super dooper crazy when a woman gets preggo

they want to put their hands all over her eggo.

she’ll go, yo, leggo my eggo

i wanna do with my eggo whatever i wanna do with my eggo

since, firstly it’s mine

and secondly, i live in america

and in america theres this thing called the fuck you i can do this amendment

just like how you have the fuck you i can carry a gun amendment.

but these adults in politics actually DONT MIND AT ALL wasting time and money on things

they obsess over putting their hands and faces and lips and tongues and feet all over preggo ladies’ eggos

even though once that eggo turns into a kiddo they’re all la la la who dis new phone

they dont wanna do the right thing to have public schools be kick ass

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the kiddo can get free health care

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the food it eats or water it drinks are safe from corporations polluting the air and seas

they dont wanna make sure that the Earth stops heating up so the kiddo can, you know, live

and for sure they dont wanna keep the kiddo safe in schools after all the school shootings that go on.

because constitution.

but they forget that abortion is constitution too. actually they dont forget, they lalalala around that too.

because fuck you.

pretty much thats what oklahoma, a beautiful state filled with beautiful people just said to women

they said fuck you and you and you and you and you and you and you

and especially you tax payers because this tantrum is gonna cost you all the money

money that could go to schools, clean air, clean water, school lunches, health care, playgrounds, drug rehab

and nice things for children who were actually planned to be part of this beautiful slam dance we are all in.

so thanks oklahoma, for reminding us how important voting is

and how important voting all of you out really is.


cubs fowler

The Cubs just won a game that took 5 hours, where they used every player and pitcher, the catcher threw out four runners, for two tense bases loaded at bats they put five fielders in the infield, their leadoff hitter dove safely at first to beat out a throw in the top of the 12th, Kris Bryant played Left, 3rd and 1st at different parts of the bottom of the 12th, and their pitcher drew a walk with the bases loaded to drive in what would be the winning run. Baseball has always been fun, Bryce.