xtx has inspired me

xbi 33

i havent written a book in a very long time and now is as good as any time to do long hard things

hers have been good and theyve been different and theyve been steady

as has mr steve coulter‘s of rock band tsar

my problem is all i ever want to do is write about the xbi

and even though i dont do it in here

and even if im hinting at them i am basically joking

thats all i want to write about.

its 243am i fucked up and took a nap in the middle of the day

then drank a coke to wake up

i decided this month is going to be a bukowski full month

im gonna read as much bukowski as possible because i really havent read him since college

and i have all these books of his

today will be the city lights publication of the most beautiful woman in town

and other stories.

for some reason i have two copies of it