puke and rally

puke and rallymegyn kelly was on tv last night

talking to mr donald j trump,

(the billionaire)

and he was fantastic.

he has learned how to show a tad of humility

admit theres a scintilla

of a possibility

that he could have done things differently

at one little moment in the past.

(or at least he’s better at pretending.)

but the lesson that ive learned from him is the practice of puke and rally.

no matter what happens

no matter what he does or says

if he stumbles, he, like taylor swift

shakes it off.

he pukes and then rallies.

he told megyn that if he did it any other way he probably wouldnt be as successful as he has become.

as she said, he’s one step away from being president.

she said it in a weird, fangirl groupie way, and it isn’t true, trump doesnt stand a chance, but i guess in some weird omg annnnything can happen way it’s true.

like how im only 6 numbers away from being a multi millionaire.

and just like how every time i lose at the lottery, i just rip up the ticket and go on with my day,

when trump realizes that he was wrong to say All Mexicans are here to rob and rape and steal

or how he encouraged people at his rally to be violent to others

he doesn’t obsess over it, like a human would.

he gets it out of his system

and moves on.

i think theres a life lesson in there for all of us.

additionally, no one has to hold trumps hair when he pukes.

so hes got that going for him.