im a little nervous i might get screwed out of my uber bonus

bambias i have written on here before, occasionally Uber offers bonuses to some of its drivers to drive a bunch of a trips on the weekends.

what this does is gets a bunch of drivers on the road for Uber

and it prevents Lyft from having the drivers.

and, best of all, it give us drivers a boost of about $300-$400.

last week’s bonus was simple: get 30 rides from Friday – Sunday, average 1.5 trips an hour, have an acceptance rate of over 80% and you will get $30/hr and a $150 bonus.

so i drove 8 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday (sunday is the Lord’s Day) and to play things safe i took 32 trips

today Uber is saying I only took 28 trips which knocks my trips per hour down to 1.45

and they dont round up.

one of the more frustrating things with this self-described technology company is they only communicate through email and often times you have to write to reps whose English is not their first language. also everything is shady.

example: they swear they are a technology company but as you are driving you have no clue what any of the metrics are. you dont reeeealllly know how many trips youve taken – you sorta do – but clearly it’s debateable. and for sure you dont know your acceptance rate nor do you really know how you are doing per hour.

on top of all of that, how is it the driver’s fault those last two hours if he has his phone on but there are no passengers requesting him?


so right now i am in email hell. ive written them like four times and all ive gotten back from them is “thanks for your email, we’ll get back to you.”

hopefully that means there is a glitch in the system and theyre being bombarded with drivers like me who are all wtf bros.


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