ive lived in hollywood for fifteen years and never been to paramount


some of my favorite movies and tv shows were made here like

The Brady Bunch




Forrest Gump

Family Ties

Happy Days

Mork & Mindy

Sunset Blvd


Rear Window


Duck Soup

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


The Godfather

Citizen Kane


Coming to America


IMG_0054The Bad News Bears


Beverly Hills Cop

Iron Man

and endless others

and for some reason i’d never been there.

yesterday someone said that we really needed about 30 to 50 Baby Trombones

and someone else said he thought he saw some at Paramount

no one wanted to go because the place is huge, where would you find them,

and how weird would people think you are if you asked them?

so i volunteered as tribute and it was super hot.  and bigger than i thought it would be.

there were bikes and golf carts everywhere. but none said busblog on them. so i walked, and walked and walked.

did i mention how hot it was today?

while it was fascinating walking down the “New York Street”, because im a weirdo,

i liked seeing the empty stages better.

they were giant and they were totally barren inside.

my imagine ran wild.

outside each of the stages they had a little plaque listing all of the movies and tv shows that had been filmed in there.

every stage had an impressive plaque. IMG_0051

i walked past the bungalows with the execs,

i strolled past the writers rooms, editing, costumes, set design

and then i saw it

just sitting there on a loading dock

and just as many as what we were looking for

but i hadnt been there very long so i kept walking around

heres the funny thing

if you live in LA, especially hollywood or the west side, you’re gonna see a celebrity from time to time.

you might even find yourself interacting with them because, you know,

stars, theyre just like us.

i walked around freaking paramount

for maybe two hours

and i didnt see one star.

as far as i know

but heres the funny thing

i turned the corner and there was the kogi truck

and i nearly fainted out of true love.

then i heard gun shots

and i snapped right out of it

but then i saw a sign

simulated gunfire

so i sat down to chill

it was hot



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