this is the second summer in a row i cant see weird al


last summer something happened and i couldnt go so i sold my tickets to ross french, known cubs fan

this summer everything was great when mr matt welch wrote me and said

pick me up at the airport, bring some sushi, we are going to a great party

there will be famous people, free drinks, and probably cheerleaders.

then he said, respond to this email asap and say yes.

so i did and i did totally forgetting that i had tix to weird al at my favorite venue

the hollywood bowl

i dont have any weird al records

but do you need any? for a while his music was on the radio constantly.

then when i lived with whalen, he held him in great honor.

if only i knew whalen’s number id offer them to him, gratis.

so i put them on ebay and did you know you can send a portion of the winnings to charity?

i looked for some non profits in isla vista or my old town in illinois but i didnt see anything good

then i checked out hollywood and there was a non profit for runaway teens.

so they will probably get $25-$50 of my winnings.


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