what does the good book say about people being mean to me?

Dear Tony,

Fellow XBI agent here. 

People are being very mean to me. I don’t understand why. I’ve asked and they won’t tell me. 

I don’t know where to turn for help. You talk about the Bible a lot. Is there solace in it… for this?

Sorry about the Cubs,

Kid Camaro

dear Camaro,

if you are really xbi, which i doubt that you are, you’d know that it’s our job to suck it up.

we are the place the buck stops.

so if someone is being mean then take it.

fucking take it.

what does the bible say? it says pretty much the same thing. it says people who oppress you will probably not get punished for it, or suffer in any way. so move on.

but heres what i say.

i say if you feel victimized, and indeed you are xbi, do the thing that xbi is here to do

help people.

aint nobody in this whole world who couldn’t use a little help with something.

help them.

you are a speck of dust in a forgotten broom in the hall closet of the universe

but when you help someone

you become magic.

so sparkle, fucker.

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