when you are trying to win you’ll try anything

so today i didnt ask to leave work early to rush home to watch the game

i didnt even leave work until late.

then i ubered. then i lyfted.

people didnt wanna go very far but fuckit.

rich lady and her friend.

two sorority girls going across campus.

rich guy going four blocks.

it was a little bit of a joke actually that i just kept going in circles.

almost like the universe was all come on tony watch the game

your team is fighting for their lives in the playoffs!

but i just listened on the radio.

made $50 and headed home.

im gonna die poor and misunderstood.

something will happen to this blog and i betya even archive.org wont be able to cache it properly

and i know i shouldnt worry about these kinds of things, i should just worry whether the Lord will forgive me for causing pain in peoples lives.

i dont mean it when it happens. am i not supposed to care about things? isnt it worse when no one cares. i care.

so much.

so of course when i got home i turned on the game on my phone and sat in my car as the cubs struggled to get out of the 8th

no thanks to the umps who had a discussion and decided that no matter how much they enjoyed working with the cubs manager joe maddon

they were gonna fuck him in front of the home crowd.

and he yelled at this one and that one and the other and then behind his back one of the umps threw him out of the game

joe cares. thats how he became great. thats why they gave him mgr of the year last year.

and thats how he got all those gray hairs.

and after the game he was polite and said he respects the umps and have enjoyed dealing with them this year

but they were wrong.

and after the game one of the umps agreed

i was wrong, he said.

cubs won any how.

inspite of them.

inspite of everything.

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