what if i never get cool

what if the rumors are true

how did jerry lewis live to be over 90

dude was smoking, drinking, eating steaks

i drove 300 miles on saturday.

had to pay off the at&t bill.

end of the night i got this cop dressed up as fidel castro

young cop, hispanic

lived here all his life.

he told me about how crystal meth is gonna make a comeback.

he told me how dangerous it used to be in highland park and silver lake when he was young, which is hard to imagine today because its so nice now.

he said youve been here since the 80s, didnt you ever see what it used to be?

i said, why would i have been in silver lake in 1985?

furthest east i ever got was the anti club on melrose near normandie

or als bar in dtla.

tore the house apart tonight looking for some taxes, turned out they were right under my nose.

what if im insane.

what if being insane is not knowing youre insane and you just think everyones being nice to you

but youre so insane that you dont realize that theyre saying fuck you right to your face all day

but you think theyre saying fuck yeah tony.

amber just got back from work.

shes in her unmentionables

making tea

what if it never gets cool?

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