yesterday was my birthday

i woke up and the bears were already up by two tds and i had this pretty girl next to me asking if i wanted an egg sandwich

her name is amber.

when she returned from the kitchen she looked at me

and i was watching the end of the game

and she looked at me again

and again until i looked back.

when i did she looked down at a huge box

i opened the box and it was something ive wanted for a long time but never felt right spending the money on. it was this big Marshall bluetooth stereo.

amber was never one to play a lot of music around the house and one thing she has noticed with me is i have music on all the time.

one day we were in the best buy and we just wandered and i showed her what i wanted but i never thought she was taking notes.

after that i opened my moms gift box which was equally huge, filled with all the things i really wanted too: white socks, candy, and a bonus Amazon gift card. thanks mom!

then we met up with chris and sass and her man and we dined at hollywood oldest restaurant, musso and franks.

then we went to hamilton. which, if you havent heard is pretty good. but looooong. woah. it musta taken that guy forever to write it.

very inspirational that way. i will never whine about how long something takes to write after sitting through 3 hours of rap and song and dance which had to have taken years to fine tune that perfectly.

at halftime amber wanted to pee but the lines went all the way back to the 18th century.

i noticed by the front door it said you could get back in if you have your ticket. so we went next door to the emptish frolic room. while i waited for her at the bar i ordered a Bailey’s neat.

the shot of rum at dinner had gotten me buzzed because i hardly drink any more. so the Baileys just took the edge off of that.

for some reason this birthday had made me nervous. maybe it was because i knew Hamilton would be the big part of it and it’s gotten so much hype. somehow that energy turned negative and got all up in me. hard to explain.

im such a sensitive poet.

i do feel everything.

we took the subway home, met these walking dead contest winners from west virginia

watched when the cast of hamilton went to the white house

ate cake

and thanked the Lord for all of everything.

i am so lucky it’s crazy how many things ive gotten to do.


there’s a million things I haven’t done

but just you wait

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