10 years ago today i started working at the LA Times

it was a dream come true.

it had been something i had been thinking about since i had been in college.

and there i was.

and my shirt and sweater were dumb, and my pants were weird, and i didnt know what shoes to wear

and part of me was thinking “you’re the Blog Guy, you can be weird if you want!”

and most of me was thinking, “you gotta be able to get the print people to like and respect you SELL OUT SELL OUT!”

i dont think ive worn that shirt ever since, and i gave that sweater to the poor last Christmas.

totally forgot it was famous.

thats me and then-publisher David Hiller who right after that picture was taken said, “youre the blog expert, I have a blog but it isn’t very good. Do you have any advice?”

i said, “Mr. Hiller, I have some bad news for you. You have a great life and I have learned a little pattern over the years: Good life, crappy blog. Crappy life, great blog.” He laughed and I don’t think he ever blogged again.

as you can see from the stats at the bottom of this, 2017 will be the least prolific year in the 16 years of writing this blog. this will be post #311 this year with about two weeks left. some years i wrote 800 or 900 posts. OF GENIUS!

why so few this year?

is it because i have had a Good Life?

sure, let’s pretend that that’s the reason.


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