did madonna meet elvis, did luke love laura

did this beautiful blog, a peace symbol between canada and america hit its lowest ebb in 2017?

didnt we all?

over the last few days amber and i have seen a bunch of movies, ordered too much sushi pizza

and last night spent my christmas gift card on an electric kettle, buck fifty glade candles and tube socks.

etienne once put as many of my white socks into a bag and set them on fire in an unforgettable face time.

when i got home i showed her that those were simply the ones i was going to turn into a sweater

and i had two drawers dedicated to over the calf

and to the knee.

but time goes on and you really should recycle out all the old socks in your life.

so i bought a good dozen, a couple new pillows,

some cheese

and a thick roll of duct tape for the washer dryer im doing things with.

got some half price christmas lights for her little makeup room and you know what, LED lights arent very bright.

which makes two of us.

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