saw star wars the last jedi at the 1030 screening

i hate being spoiled. i have no idea why people love to ruin movies for others.

and yet they do which is why i go to movies the night they come out – if not sooner.

everyone at work were all jacked for the show, which got me into it so i got my tickets a few days ago

almost to see if i could

and thankfully every theatre in town was showing it all day and all night

so we got some on the left side about halfway up at the AMC Burbank 16 and i gotta say, what a great theater.

it was a big room, stadium seats, and the sound was great.

the movie was fantastic. wayyyyy better than i expected: scary, thrilling, at times funny. some lessons for one and all.

one of the lessons i learned from just watching it all was


im sure this director and Lucas and so many others were in awe of Kubrick’s 2001.

but for decades they sat there in that awe and made one mediocre space film after another.

but this guy, this Rian Johnson, he was all, i know this is the Star Wars universe, i know you love Chewie and R2 and the rest

but im gonna do something a little bit different here.

in a way its a bit Star Treky which is funny because Trek has found recent success being more like Wars.

but then he brings out the big guns be them ships or cannons or Walkers or bombers

and is all,

say hello to my little friend.

we all have little friends.

don’t be afraid to use em.

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