these people who are obsessed with money really intrigue me

some are willing to pretend that global warming isnt real

so they sell out their children and grandchildren’s health and well being in the future so that they can have a few more shekels today

and i get it, turkey sandwiches at the airport can cost $16

who wants to sweat it out at the terminal bc your kid wants a turkey sandwhich?

but you are sweating because you have allowed the oil companies to dig wherever

you have allowed the coal plants to dump wherever

and you KNOW that every summer has been hotter and hotter because of your bs but you get on the mic, raise your hand, and say

the dinosaurs didnt die because of fracking and neither will we.

others today are willing to sell out

everyone who uses the internet

so that Verizon and AT&T and Comcast can pretend that if 35% of their ISP customers use Netflix for a few hours every month that they should be allowed to charge people mo money mo money to use Netflix.

which, im sorry, is not how the internet works.

and thats not how life works.

you are Verizon, you are AT&T, we have already bent the rules so you can be the megacompany that you are.

if anyone should pay more it’s these corporations who dont pay any taxes

but instead theyre gonna charge people extra for YouTube extra for Hulu and extra for whatever they can pretend costs them money

when all along, this is the Internet, something THEY didn’t build. Something the FCC for some reason has let them rule.

well guess who is in charge of the FCC, some dumbass who used to work at Verizon

and guess who will be the financial beneficiary of the end of Net Neutrality?

not you.

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