hi innernet, did you miss me?

yeah me neither.

stopped by my man dave’s pad last night with amber and we were chit chatting for a little. his boys were even more adorable than they are on instagram.

funniest thing happened though. one of them was laughing at me holding this giant sword. the thing was almost as tall as he is.

and he was waving it at me laughing.

then he did the best thing, he started pretending the sword was a rifle.

i was all, are you shooting me with your sword?

he laughed harder and shook his head.

Yes! Pew Pew Pew.

then the other one goes, now imma shoot you wif my gun!

and he runs and retrieves this giant Batmobile.

i say thats not a gun thats a car.

he says not any more and he clicks a button and two missiles rocket out at me, clipping my arm.

remind me to get one of those blood packs the next time i visit them to freak them out.

such sweet kids. so much energy. so many hot wheels.

as we were leaving they were fighting each other a little. i asked the older one, does your little brother ever win?

he said, no, he kwhys.

i said all my ex girlfriends used that technique on me.

and it works.

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