what do i want in life?

i want people to be happy.

i hear a lot of stories. i dont consider myself a very good listener. but for some reason people want to tell me things.

i hear a lot about how bad peoples childhoods were. or how bad certain moments were. and those traumatic moments stuck with them in a more dramatic way than their happy moments.

when i think of my childhood i think about riding my bike anywhere i wanted, being an all-star shortstop with a huge afro, getting walter paytons autograph in the nicest way, playing the saxamaphone and then drums, roller skating, kissing diane and her sister heather at the same party

swimming, playing tennis, golfing in a giant field, sledding, running, jumping, climbing, reading, listening to the radio

the only negative thing i can think of is not being able to watch the 1975 all star game because i didnt want to eat my vegetables.

so when i hear some of the truly messed up stuff that some people tell me it makes me so sad because childhood should not be like that

but adulthood shouldnt be like that either.

i hear some stories about that too.

and im like seriously?

i dont think it’s that hard to be nice to each other.  even when i am at my most frustrated, i try to find an angle where we can both agree and then work from there.

the reason i am giving up fighting on the internet with strangers about politics is not that its a waste of time, because i dont think it its

but i do think that communication is one of humans’ superpowers and i dont think God wants us to use that elusive miracle


to insult each other.

i think he wants us to use creativity for cooler goals.

i’ll let you know how that turns out.

One thought on “what do i want in life?

  1. You had a very blessed childhood. In addition you skied, bowled, ice skated on the dip in the street that froze over, played flag football, soccer, basketball, football, fun activities with the Cub Scouts, and who could forget that baseball game with cards ( was it APPA?).

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