the lottery jackpot is a half billion dollars

which means it’s time to play, what would you do with the money if you won?

first id get some new shoes. nothing fancy, just some cream colored pumas with a orange stripe.

next id like to turn this abandoned building into a Dental Express. Cleanings are $20, examinations are $25, extractions are $50, flossings are $10.  sometimes people just want a good cleaning and don’t want to be pressured in to Full dental care. if they want or need more serious work we’ll tell them to go to a real dentist. will it undercut some real dentists? some. but the clients will mostly be people who are not seeing a dentist at all. and this might get more of them to do just that.

id also like to start a fleet of ice cream trucks. but it’s only for adults. the truck will come around and in exchange for a nice scoop of something you give the dude a coat or a sweater, which will then go to the needy. or you can give them some bottles of water, bread, fruit, medical supplies. the idea is people would donate more, but you have to make it convenient and it’s always nice if you got a little something in return, like a candy bar or an It’s It.

next will be a chain of purple motels where everyone has to leave by noon. one day stays. if you wanna stay longer you have to bring your sheets and towels to the next room to the left. yes there may be some rotations happening, but the cost is only $34, after the greatest football player ever, Sweetness.

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