fakers always quit

theres a youtube celebrity jackass named Logan Paul who fell into the trap of

instead of shining his fleeting light on others

chose to constantly try to one-up himself by being more and more obnoxious

and extreme

than all the other youtube jackasses including his jackass brother.

he did it by visiting japan and instead of showing his millions of fans

the beauty and culture and magic of the island

he instead took a walk inside the Sea of Trees

otherwise known as the Suicide Forest

which his cameras caught living up to its name.

when he posted the deceased hanging from a tree, the internet backlash was quick and sure.

it roundly called the 20something Paul an asshole

and he shot a video apologizing and then said he was going to take a little break from posting on youtube.

which, to me, proves that he is a faker.

a real youtube star never abandons his post.

did Tolstoy stop writing novels when his life got hard?

did Woody Allen stop making films?

not even death could stop 2Pac from rolling out hits, but Logan Paul,

the moment he becomes actually interesting


logs off like a bitch.

this process that he is going through of wrestling between

Should I Stop Being A Clown


When Can I Go Back To Being a Worthless Clown

if done in a realistic manner, could be beneficial to the viewer and youtuber alike.

Van Gogh painted through this problems, not because of money money money

but because he was a painter.

all of these people who quit doing the thing that they allegedly are omg soooo awesome at

to me, seem like they were only in it for the money.

which is the most jackassy thing to be in it for.

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