drove smartly today

8 hours, $250. only did a few longish rides and those were all under 30 minutes each

and i only drove 100 miles.

could be going to the airport be for the birds?

for the last two days ive been trying to get short rides in order to get this bonus

i need to do 32 rides tomorrow to get it, i feel good bc today i did 28 and the day before i did 29. i just need to get out there by 10am and focus on the shorties. maybe a long one at the end. and stop looking for surges.

i caught a few today. one was worth $14. in the valley. if they continue to reward drivers in the val, you’ll see me out there more. roads are bigger. tons of cut throughs. easier to pick up.

bonded with these columbians

peed at a little league

ate one and a half impossible burgers.

damnit the other half is in the glove box.