drove smartly today

8 hours, $250. only did a few longish rides and those were all under 30 minutes each

and i only drove 100 miles.

could be going to the airport be for the birds?

for the last two days ive been trying to get short rides in order to get this bonus

i need to do 32 rides tomorrow to get it, i feel good bc today i did 28 and the day before i did 29. i just need to get out there by 10am and focus on the shorties. maybe a long one at the end. and stop looking for surges.

i caught a few today. one was worth $14. in the valley. if they continue to reward drivers in the val, you’ll see me out there more. roads are bigger. tons of cut throughs. easier to pick up.

bonded with these columbians

peed at a little league

ate one and a half impossible burgers.

damnit the other half is in the glove box.

such a good day

even though the hear in LA interviews are only scheduled for an hour

they can end up 2-3 hours, easy.

these people are great, first of all,

and who doesn’t like talking about themselves?

today i got to talk to someone who worked at Bad Robot, the company that made Lost

and the newer Star Trek and Mission Impossible movies.

he was also very knowledgeable about sports and music so it was hard to keep it under an hour and a half.

got home and had a great convo with my neighbor and his girlfriend

im trying to help them save their rock club

which seems like a long shot.

but you know what?

i fucking love long shots.

sometimes things are good

and you dont wanna talk too much about them because you dont wanna jinx it

even though you dont believe in jinxes

but you just wanna let everything fall in place the way they seem to be falling

and not be the thing that clogs up the system.

took a guy from the beach up the 405 and then we wound our way through Sherman Oaks

up in the hills, in places i hadn’t been before because im not all that familiar with the val

and he had an interesting disposition like he was just about to erupt at any minute.

he had what i have when i have kidney stones and im waiting for the one thing to lead to the other thing

which eventually leads to someone eventually giving me morphine or demoral or heroin

whatever phony name they wanna call it

which eventually kills the pain and guides me to a beautiful dreamy sleep.

but before that happens you have to deal with The World which is full of People

and typically i am in love with those things but when theres a little baby asteroid in my loins i hate everyone

mostly because i am not allowed to say, look i know what the problem is, i drink too much pop

and the stone has been created, and it’s too big for my body and now i need that one or two shots of H

please and thank you.

this guy was like me. this guy was ready to pop. this guy, even when we were talking about happy things, had this edge

and i wanted to tell him look, we’re gonna get there, it’s gonna be ok. everythings gonna be fine.

and because of the 4th and the 100 degree heat (which was 112 in the val) traffic was amazing because everyone else said

fuck. this.

and stayed home in their airconditioning or pool side or ocean side

it was a dream.

and i didnt think i was gonna get a tip from him because even though we had a lot in common,

he didnt seem the happiest guy

and i didn’t really have the morphine he was probably looking for.

but alas the next day i checked the app, and boom, he tipped me $10

and i did a little jig in my sweltering apartment.